Welcome to Concierge Clinic!

It’s time for a new spin on traditional medicine. Here at Concierge Clinic we want your experience to be quality time spent with your physician. Because this is a concierge service we do not take insurance, assuring you will never get an unexpected bill. We care about our time with you so we are limiting our capacity to 750 patients per provider. (The average physician/patient load is 2500 per year). This allows providers to have ample time to spend working on your health. Reduced wait times, increased access and better care are the objectives at Concierge Clinic.

We are excited to offer the kind of personalized medicine doctors were able to offer in the past, with all of the convenience and support available today.

  Services provided with membership:

• Unlimited visits with providers in clinic
• Phone, text and email access to providers
• Telemedicine consultations
• Diagnosis and medication management
• Laceration repair and simple in-clinic skin procedures
• In-clinic lab tests: urinalysis, strep test, flu shots/testing
• Referral to specialist if needed


Initial fee $250 / person
Monthly fee $100 thereafter
Family plan initial fee of $250 + $200 dollars/couple each month
$50 dollars/child per month with guardian membership

Yearly membership options:
$1200 / year per adult
$2400 / couple per year
$600 / child per year with guardian membership
Refer a friend get $100 dollars towards your membership